Gourmet Group

Welcome to the 2019-20 Gourmet Club.  Our theme is tried and true great recipes and to have fun.  There will be four dinners which often will be held at 6:00 on the second Saturday in November, January, March, and April.  We encourage the months, dates, and start time to be flexible, i.e. the November dinner could be held any day with a different start time during October and November.  This year guests will bring their own wine, beer, or spirits of their choice.  The host couple is responsible for non-alchoholic beverages.  A hostess also has the option of assigning the main course to a participant and choosing another a different menu item for herself.  Some dinners have four items, some have five.  If there are five items (fettuccine, rye bread, yeast rolls), that item could be either purchased or hand made.  Although the recipes are adjusted for eight diners, depending on the situation the number of participants at a dinner could vary.  The main point the committee wants to encourage is to be flexible, don’t be afraid to do something different than what’s been done in the past, and enjoy this year’s gourmet experience.

Participant & Rotation schedule available upon request.


Gourmet Group Menus for 2019-2020

Current Gourmet Menus and Recipes 

Past Gourmet  Menus