2014-15 Movie Selections

Sept. 22, 2014   The Fifth Element      Hostess:  Jane L      Leader:  Jane L

Oct. 27, 2014   Delores Clayborn     Hostess:  Donna S     Leader:  Elena P

Nov. 24, 2014   Limitless     Hostess:  Margaret B     Leader:   Margaret B

Dec. No Movie

Jan. 26, 2015   The Castle   Hostess:  Jane L     Leader:  Nancy L

Feb. 23, 2015   Madam X (VHS)     Hostess:  Carmen H     Leader:   Carmen H

Mar 23, 2015     Smile     Hostess:  Pam J     Leader:  Ann H

Apr. 27, 2015   Amelie     Hostess:  Rosemary M     Leader:  Judy A

MayNo Movie

June 22, 2015     Dragon Fly     Hostess:  Vicki A     Leader:  Vicki A

July 27, 2015     Second Hand Lions     Hostess:  Jane L     Leader:  Jane L

Aug. 31, 2015     84 Charring Story Road     Hostess:  Donna S     Leader:  Donna S